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I am thrilled to introduce this line of jewellery that has been in my head for so so very long - Elements. These elemental symbols are crafted from lilac twigs preserved in their natural beauty using the ancient alchemy of copper electroforming.


Which symbol resonates with you?

  • Air symbolizes intellect, mental clarity, and connection to the universal life force.
  • Earth embodies grounding, the foundation of life, and connection to one's life path and roots.
  • Fire represents energy, transformation, personal power, and inner strength.
  • Water signifies emotional release, intuition, and inner reflection.


Each pendant measures approximately 2x2 inches and hangs from a 24-inch long black faux suede cord. Crafted from collected lilac branches electroformed with copper, the unsealed finish allows the copper to naturally patina over time - darkening in low spots while shining brightly in high spots.


You are purchasing the exact piece shown in the photo.

Elements - Necklace

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