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Forest Crystals mined by hand on an island in British Columbia traveled the long journey to Ontario where in the hands of an Alchemist Magician something magical happened...copper mushrooms started to grow! ;)


Handmade with clay and copper and some alchemy magic these are one of our favourites. A magickal necklace featuring a unique phantom quartz point, but more on that special stone soon. The mushrooms and decoration are hand sculpted out of clay and added to the recycled copper frame and forest crystals. Through what can only be described as Alchemy Magic, a layer of copper coats the clay bringing each piece to life.


This line features Forest Crystals, a phantom quart point.


“Phantom quartz contains a smaller “ghost” crystal encapsulated within the main crystal. They symbolize awareness. Its purpose is to stimulate the healing of the planet and to activate healing abilities in individuals.” (source: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall)


This pendant features a simple frame around a very green little crystal and is approximately 1.25 inches long x 1 inch wide. It comes on a long adjustable high-quality leather necklace.


You are purchasing the exact piece shown in the pictures. If you have any questions or would like to have a custom piece made for you, please jump on the chat to send me a message or email to


Thank you

Enchanted Forest Crystal Necklace - Small but Mighty

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