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Another creation finally emerging from my desk - Mushroom Necklaces. As a woodland enthusiast, one of my favorite pastimes is foraging for mushrooms. These eight treasures were collected during various adventures, meticulously dried, and lovingly preserved in multiple layers of resin.


During the creative process, a delightful accident occurred - a preserved drip that resembles a drop of water frozen in time.


I've taken great care to accurately identify these mushrooms (a challenging task!), though I must admit uncertainty about the red ones. To avoid misidentification, I affectionately refer to them as Red Mushrooms. May these unique pendants bring you a connection to the natural world.


Each pendant features a real mushroom, collected, dried, and encased in resin. Please note that their sizes vary, but they are approximately 1-1.5 inches tall, suspended from an 18-inch black faux suede cord.


You are purchasing the exact piece in the photos.

Mushroom Necklace

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